Sweeney bear visits Newport

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 Thursday 24th March 2016
 Dan Phillips

Sweeney Bear continued fundraising for http://fisherhouseuk.org/with TBC Newport when he met one of Newport’s historical figures!  Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar told Sweeney Bear about his days of being a Captain in the Coldstream Guards, his adventures procuring land for the people of Newport and that he has been concealing a time capsule since 1991!

He also visited Newport Indoor Market as he’d heard rumours of a fruit and veg stall that was being terrorised by hundreds of monkeys and thought maybe he could make them less bananas! He enjoyed hanging around for a while!  The mischievous monkeys’ bad behaviour rubbed off on Sweeney Bear and he ransacked Newport’s kitchen cupboards on his return!

Thanks for helping us raise money for Fisher House Sweeney Bear.